Music Lessons

Music Lessons at Kemtone Music

IMG_0061Kemtone has a complete staff of excellent teachers covering such area’s guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, piano, keyboards, violin, viola, band drums and percussion, band instruments, and pedal steel guitar. Teachers cover most styles from classical and popular music. Weekly lessons are available from Monday through Saturday. Also offer group combo classes that play pop, rock, jazz with a profession teacher. Groups and individuals are featured in monthly recitals.
Kemtone Music Teachers


Gare Hofstad – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, teacher


Gare Hofstad

  • Guitar, Bass. Ukulele
  • Over forty years teacher at Kemtone Music
  • Teacher all levels and styles
  • Tailored lessons to student goals
  • Studied at Wisconsin Conservatory of Music



Jim Frets – Percussion

Jim Frets

  • Percussion
  • University trained
  • Basic to advanced students featuring Jazz, Rock
  • 30 years teaching experience




Howard Perkens – Piano, Keyboards

Howard Perkens

  • Piano, Keyboards
  • Teach’s children to adults
  • Customized lessons for retired people
  • Learn to play for church

Kay Augustine

  • Piano
  • Teaching children her specialty
  • More than 20 years experience

John Kemmet

  • Guitar, pedal steel guitar, and lap steel
  • Teach’s children and adults
  • Lessons tailored for young beginner to adult
  • Studied with Buddy Emmons, Jeff Newman, Herby Wallace, Joe Wright, and Doug Jernigan

Annette Perkins

  • Teaches all band instruments
  • Beginning to advance
  • Degree from University
  • Teaches violin and viola
Keith Watling - guitar and saxophone

Keith Watling – guitar and saxophone

Keith Watling

  • Guitar and Saxophone
  • Degree in teaching
  • Studied at Wisconsin Conservatory of Music
  • All ages, beginners and intermediate 10 years experience
  • Works well with children
  • Tailored lessons to students goals
  • Background in Jazz as well as other styles

Pat Schrouder

  • Piano
  • Works well with children
  • More than 10 years experience